Forex Strategy-Based On Fundamental Announcements

Exchange rates of currency pairs fluctuate based on many criteria, particularly how investors perceive the value should be based upon news pertaining to the country of origin of the currency. There are many factors that contribute to the perceived value of a currency against another, but most importantly are the “Fundamental Announcements” from that country.

Countries and their currencies being traded on the Forex markets are like companies and their shares being traded on the stock market. If a company announces positive news, such as higher profits in their last quarter, then the stock market immediately responds by the share price rising. Conversely, if the company announces negative news such as a loss in their last quarter, then their stock drops. In much the same way countries regularly make various announcements of economic importance, and the value of their currency is also adjusted accordingly against other currencies.

You don’t have to know what the announcement is or even care about the news to profit by it with this system. All you need to know is when such Fundamental Announcements are being made, and how to profit from it as described in this system. This is like owning a magical crystal ball to know exactly the minute when the markets will explode, and how to profit from it. Regardless of whether the news is considered good or bad, and regardless of how the value of the currency changes due to the announcement you will make money. Typically a market responds by 50 pips to Fundamental Announcements (when it skyrockets); plenty of room to get profits in.

There are certain websites that publish a calendar of Fundamental Announcements. You can easily find these for free on many Forex related websites. So the first step is to go to view a Fundamental Announcements calendar to see what is scheduled to come up for tomorrow (weekdays, not weekends). Some days will have more announcements, some days will have less. Generally, the more announcements the more trading opportunities you will have, and the more announcements scheduled for a particular country at thesame time the more likely you will see some interesting price action.

Before we continue you will need to know what your time zone isin relation to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), as most announcements are published according to this time zone. Make sure you take into consideration “Daylight Savings Time” if your time zone changes time in the fall and spring. You will need this information to adjust GMT time to your time to know when the announcements will take place from the perspective of your time zone.This kind of opportunity happens all the time and is by no means extraordinary. Fundamental Announcements occur at various times of the day and night, depending on where you live.

Pay more attention to the currencies that make their Fundamental Announcements at a time convenient for you. If you live in North America pay attention to the US and Canadian announcements, and then trade EUR/USD and USD/CAD respectively. US announcements can be traded against other currencies, the best are EUR, GBP and CHF. They usually react the same way, but often have larger or smaller moves. On the calendars you will see a list of countries that are planning to release announcements, what time the announcement will happen, and what the announcement is about. Again, you don’t really care what it will be about, only when and who.

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