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Ivy Bot is a system aimed at newbies who want to enter the Forex Trading market but who don’t have a lot of time or capital to invest. Additionally, this forex robot is aimed at those who have previously tried to profit in the Forex market but failed. It’s a system so simple and cool that it generated an amazing 335 pips last week ($3350), from just 6 qualifying trades.

You don’t need any prior experience, you don’t need to do any work since the system is completely automated and does it all for you. In fact all you do need is just 1 minute a week to ’set it and go’. It’s a complete revolutionary system that is perfect for those entering the Forex market for the first time – and for those who have wasted their time with other Forex day trading systems.

So what else do you get with the Ivybot

Lifelong Membership: For any forex trading robot to stay profitable it must be able to react to ever changing market conditions. If there are changes taking place in the world, any robot relies heavily on its developers programming updates that are able to react to new market conditions keeping the system profitable.

With Ivybot you get all updates at no extra cost which, if the system works, is essential. Most other robots available do not offer updates so will have a limited lifespan, and those that do will quite often charge for the privilege. During the last 6 months of testing Ivybot has been updated 4 times, showing how much the developers put into getting their system right.

ivybot updates

When the profit levels start to drop, the Ivybot team will update the system to perform in new market conditions.

Customer Support: This is an area where many forex trading robots let themselves down. The idea behind automated forex trading is to help people with little or no experience be successful in the forex market. What many have failed to understand is that they also need to be able to help newbies along the way, so that they truly understand how to use the various setting on offer.

Once you have been using a system for a while you may choose to change your settings to allow your robot to operate at a higher risk setting. The advantage of this is that you can see a higher return on your investment, but without any support you may not know what you are doing and subsequently lose a lot of money leaving you unsure about whether trading is right for you. I have seen it many times and have received a lot of emails from people asking for help with various robots.

Having spoken to the Ivybot team I understand that one of the reasons behind their decision to delay the launch date was to ensure they had a fully trained support team in place to deal with all support issues in a timely manner. Hopefully this is the case, but you can never know until the product is live and in use.

One thing that is in no doubt is how easy Ivybot is to install and use. It took under 10 minutes to download the software and have it fully installed and ready to use on my computer, and the interface is friendly enough for people with absolutely no experiencing of trading forex. Although when I first tested Ivybot I walked away from my computer once it was installed and let the system do all the work and bring the profits in.

There will also be a V.I.P section within Ivybot that a selection of traders can join. Here you can find a number of downloadable Indicators and Scripts to use on your Metatrader 4 platform. I understand that numbers could be limited so it might be that the first through the door get this option.

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    Fantastic review of IvyBot. I think I might get IvyBot.

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