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Forex Executor Pro – Supercharge Your Trades Today! New Nfa Regulations Make This Software Vital To All Forex Traders…especially Traders Using MetaTrader4. Perfect Addition/upsell To Other Forex Products.

While The New NFA Regulations and Order Limitations Have Most Traders Running Scared, F.E.P. Owners Are Placing All The Same Trades As They Always Were, With One Difference… They Now Even MORE Power and Flexibility Then Ever!

As an educated trader you are most likely aware of the new NFA regulations that have all but stripped away your traders edge. Trading is a tough enough game as it is, and to be profitable you need to grab hold absolutely every edge you can get.

As of August 1st 2009 the NFA’s new ruling has taken away your ability to place essential orders that you MUST have as a trader if you are to succeed.

Some of the advanced features for Forex Executor Pro :

  • Allows You To “Super Scalp” by placing orders as little as 1 PIP away from the market!
  • Provides “Cell Phone Text Messaging” so you can be alerted of any triggered order anytime!
  • Hides Your Orders From The Brokers To Prevent “Stop Hunting”
  • Offers A “Super Stealth” Trailing Stop Order That MT4 Does Not Have
  • Empowers You To Place OCO Orders
  • Empowers You To Place Superior Pending Orders (Targets) & Stop Loss Orders
  • Avoid the hassles of opening an overseas account!
  • Fully Compliant With The New FIFO Regulations.


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