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Hector Trader

The Hector Trader Forex Course teach how to trade based on a system called "The 3 SMA Trading System" (trend following system). There are a lot of forex systems out there that delve into the hype but Hector Trader Forex Course is different as it promises more to deliver a solid foundation for your trading.

Hector Trader Forex course has been created by a full time trader who, instead of giving you a fixed set of rules to enter and exit the market, he teach you how to read the charts so not only you know when to buy or sell a currency pair but furthermore to understand why you're taking such decisions. With this Forex Course you will learn real skills to trade forex and become a successful trader.


FX-Razor, Colorado

Date of Post:2009-05-16
Review:After spending thousands of dollars on forex courses, I feel quite the fool. I only wish I had found Hectortrader.com much sooner. There is nothing like it available anywhere, and that is a fact!!. His videos (61 in total)are second to none and the first ten are absolutely free, his strategy and custom indicators ( 8 in total ) help ensure success as he covers in detail every aspect of the Forex market, he is quick to respond to any questions one may have and you get it all for under $200. The thing I like the most is that you are right there with him learning and watching over his shoulder. Final thoughts, if you do not take advantage of this opportunity then YOU are the one losing, and my trading account proves it! ! I am really surprised that he doesn't charge more. I give him 10 stars, five stars just is not enough.

Proud to be in the Hectortrader.com family,

Mariusz, Poland / UK

Date of Post:2008-12-18
I`ve been trading for a year now, and blow up MANY mini account. Like most of us, I have done many courses read many ebooks, even used paid signals but comparing to this course it was all nothing. Of course all this things I went through in some way got me to the point where I`m now and all of them gave me few more useful tools to my box but they were all incomplete. The most important thing for me is, that I know exactly what I am doing. Where to place SL, TP and most important my entry. Simply this course for me is all about support, resistance and price action around this places. For me this is all I need to know to be successful in my trading. In few words, Hector is explaining how, price builds up the pressure at some places and how to recognize price action to be on the right side of the trade.
One thing to the new people that will use this course... WAIT FOR THE CONFIRMATION :) It is really worth it even if you have to let go few moves. Watch the videos few times each, it will help you later to recognize this set ups on live chart. I know there is a lot of watching and listing but it will all pay off.
I think I`m starting to understand how price moves and why it moves the way it moves.
Price of the course is really funny for the value of informations you get.

Thank you Hector, you changed my view on forex.

Author: “Hector” a full time professional Forex trader.

Package: A massive 8 “Chapter” online course with video and written instruction and one on one email support from Hector. Bonus includes Hector’s trend indicators which save time identifying the profitable trade entry and exit signals he teaches in the course.

Return Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - “No questions asked!”

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