Latest Forex Transformer - Make Huge Money

Forex Transformer

A new Forex Robot called Forex Transforer, developed by Paul Liburd. There will be a limited number of copies released so opportunities to get it may be limited.

It is claimed tro have a solid artificial intelligence engine that accurately predicts 96.2% winning trades.

It runs on auto pilot and test have apparantly shown that it earned $19,000 in a day. If the result are trues then this is a pretty amazing forex robot. It is reported to have a unique trading stratetgy unseen in any other EA and performs trades in an intraditional way. The key feature it has are:
  • Works great with default settings. the user doesn’t have to change anything or edit anything,just copy/paste and it’s all done.
  • The EA works with all currency pairs. on 15 Minutes chart. best results generated by using EUR/USD.
  • Built-in money management rules. the user doesn’t have to worry about it or set it manually each time they run the EA.
  • Tested and proven to be very profitable with minimum risk possible in all market conditions.
  • Brokers friendly! .. that means, honest brokers would not fight it or play - dirty tricks - to stop it. because it’s not a scalping system.
  • The user would not spend most of his time looking for a broker that would accept the EA.
  • Designed to profit from both down trending and up trending markets, even when there is no clear direction!

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